Dream Catchers

Dreamcatchers are orijinally from the Ojibwa Native Americans.

They made these small amulets to protect their infants and young children. They were meant to trap all evil spirits that came in the form of nightmares. The small dreamcatcher hung over the cradle or bed to ensure their children were safe and secure during the night.

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We can imagine how the slow and peaceful motions of the feathers would be soothing to a baby as the child drifted asleep.

The Ojibwa Native Americans made the authentic dreamcatcher from willow wood. They always used real leather. They wove the web inside using sinew strands or thread. Authentic dreamcatchers can still be purchased today.

The dreamcatcher is associated with Absibikaashi, the Spider Woman. Once all the Ojibwa people lived together at a place called Turtle Island. As time passed all her people had moved to all four corners of the country.

Spider Woman cared deeply for all the children. She found it difficult to visit every single child at bedtime to ensure they were protected from the evil spirits.

All mothers and grandmothers agreed to weave a web inside loops made from the willow tree.  These magical webs could catch the spirits lurking around the child at night. Evil spirits would not be able to taunt the sleeping child anymore.

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