Paper Mache Catrina Stand Extra Large

This beautiful piece of Paper mache catrina stand comes along to commemorate one of the most traditional celebrations within Mexico. This technique was invented in China and taken to France where it got its name, which means chewed paper. The traditional method of making paper mache is to use a mixture of water and flour cooked to the consistency of heavy cream. The paper is cut or torn into strips, and soaked in the paste until saturated.The strips may be placed on an armature, or skeleton, commonly made of wire, or on an object to create a cast.Paper mache was brought to Mexico by the Spaniards and introduced to the native population by the Jesuits.In the past, paper mache crafters in Mexico were called cartoneros and they worked in the traditional markets selling:piñatas used during Christmas season and birthday parties.The work of the cartoneros has evolved and paper mache has been used to make decorative crafts such as fruits, vegetables and trays and folk art sculptures like the world famous alebrijes. On the other hand , The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican celebration that honors the dead. It takes place on November 1 and 2 and is linked to the Catholic celebrations of All Souls and All Souls Day. Death has been in all cultures and throughout history, an event that invites reflection, rituals, ceremonies, the search for answers, cause of fear, admiration and uncertainty. The prehispanic cultures shared the belief that there is an animistic and immortal entity that gives conscience to the human being and that after death one continues its way in the world of the dead, where one still needs utensils, tools and food.

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: Default Category, Day of dead, Paper Mache
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